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KWKI’s format is a variety of music and talk with eclecticism in mind.

Designed to be a “fun-to-listen-to” radio station KWKI features anything from independently- produced, educational talk programs to UFO music (yes, there is such a thing).

We welcome independent artists to submit their CDs. Also, out-of-area (other planets included) producers of talk programming (No politics, please. Remember we said this was a fun project!) are invited to contact us, too. 

Talk Radio of Pahrump, a Nevada, non-profit, corporation, is the licensee of KWKI and is a member of Nye County’s Local Emergency Planning Committee. We’re happy to work with LEPC’s excellent staff as its liaison with our community’s listening public.  

To do that, KWKI is Pahrump’s first broadcast station to offer public safety as a concurrent commitment for the valley.

This is accomplished by two additional features of our broadcast facility.

First, our transmitter site, which includes a back-up studio, is powered by an array of solar panels and large-capacity batteries. Power outages that affect the valley will not cause an interruption to KWKI’s broadcasting or prevent urgent or emergency messages to be received by the public.    

 Second, amateur radio transmitters are installed at this site and operated by KWKI’s owners who are licensed “Ham” radio operators. In an emergency, this feature would allow station communication with other areas in the region to provide useful information for KWKI’s audience.

Artists and producers only (no sales, please) may contact us at:

All others: 

Talk Radio of Pahrump, Inc., P.O. Box 5303, Pahrump, Nevada 89041 

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